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PRACTICE HEART-CENTERED YOGA Ghana Yoga, Ghana Yoga, Ghana Yoga, Ghana Yoga, Ghana Yoga

Prana Yoga is a safe, gentle, heart-centered form of yoga that requires no extreme postures. The benefits of Prana Yoga include stress relief, improved circulation and flexibility, improved mental clarity and increased energy (prana). We practice yoga in order to honestly connect with your own energy system.

In Prana Yoga class we work on our energy system via the Chakra framework.  During asana practice, we may chant specific sounds for correlating chakras to access prana and move through blockages.  Prana yoga is a gentle practice that focuses on restoring and removing blockages in our energy system and moving all of our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) into a healing place.

Gentle Prana Yoga Classes at Allentown Center For Recovery, 315 W Linden Street Allentown PA. Every Third Monday 10-11am and Second Wednesday 3-4pm. Free to All. Namaste��


Instructor Mary (Keshira) Tomlinson is a Registered Yoga Teacher who has been practicing Yoga for 30+ years.  She holds a Masters in Social Work, is a Healing Touch Student, Reiki Master, and practitioner of Reflexology and Shiatsu Massage.  Her commitment to Mind Body Medicine has grown out of her experience as a social worker helping families, schools and hospice patients as well as her service in the Peace Corps. She is committed to promoting healing, improved health and energy, and better mental clarity for everyone.  

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